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Safety & Hygiene

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Our commitment to you

5 Camp Street has developed protocols & strategies that will enable our operations to be reactivated with the utmost health and safety measures firmly in place.

These protocols provide peace of mind for our guests to enjoy a safer, cleaner stay from check-in to check-out, while staff are fully protected in their work environment by these enhanced and rigorous cleaning standards. 

The safety of our guests and staff is paramount to us. As a result, we have adapted our ways of working to better protect those around us with a holistic approach to tackle the COVID-19 realities at every level. 

  • Hygiene training for the protection of staff and guests

All staff has been trained on the various hygiene and sanitation protocols and ongoing training will be provided as the situation evolves. Our staff awareness is an aspect that is essential for the effective implementation of our protocols as it ensures that they are protected as well as our guests.

  • There will be full disclosure and transparency at all times between 5 Camp Street and its guests and staff by way of informing all parties as to the safety and hygiene protocols in place as well as any incident reporting.
  • Temperature screening and staff monitoring We are working ‘round the clock to keep our people safe – and that means you as well as our staff. We’ve implemented an end-to-end health and safety plan that will see every staff member temperature tested and meticulously screened before they are deemed to be clear and ready to safely engage with our guests. 

Each guest will also be temperature screened in a non-invasive and safe manner to ensure the health and safety of all our people. These screening and monitoring protocols will be supported by the necessary contingency plans and isolation/quarantine facilities.

  • Distant but warm, hospitable guest contact. To alleviate the risk of transmission, continuous and stringent social distancing etiquette will be implemented between guest and staff to reduce person-to-person contact. Our staff have all been trained on best-practice hygiene and sanitization, a friendly smile will be waiting to greet you warmly upon your arrival and during your stay.
  • Smart guest interaction with contactless hospitality – where possible, virtual check-ins and check-outs will be encouraged. Insofar as possible, we will also implement no-contact stays. We understand in this adapted hospitality, sometimes, the best way to stay safe is to stay distant.
  • Social interaction kept to a minimum Limited social contact will see guests experience an almost contactless stay in accordance with stringent health and safety regulations.
  • Accredited, hospital-grade disinfectant with a high classification of bacteria-killing ingredients to sanitise surfaces. These disinfectants have been produced per health regulations.
  • Easily accessible sanitisation stations. The provision of hand sanitiser and antibacterial handwash placed at the key areas. These will also be used to sanitise room keys and devices shared by staff to ensure a safe environment at all times. All areas will have alcohol-based, hospital-grade hand sanitiser readily available for your use. 
  • Enriched, deep cleaning and sanitisation standards across all operations. These include guest rooms, common areas, meeting areas, front desks as well as back-of-house areas. Rooms will be aired for at least 6 hours before new guests arrive from 16h00.
  • Surface area disinfection. The already rigorous cleaning of high-touch surface areas will be further enhanced by the increased frequency of cleaning protocols on all surface areas.
  • A plethora of housekeeping safety and hygiene standards have been enhanced including linen that will be washed at between 40- and 60-degrees to effectively destroy bacteria. 

We are there for you, and we will overcome

At 5 Camp Street, we care about the health and safety of every guest and staff member who enters our doors. Your wellbeing has, and will always be our utmost priority and we are fully committed to your protection without compromising the quality of experience when you stay with us.

When the time is right, we’ll be waiting to welcome you back! 

Warmest regards,

The 5 Camp Street Team